Bar Brothers the System Review – Best Calisthenic Program?

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It is fair to say people are always looking for a better way to lose weight, gain muscle or just work out. Whether that be crazy diets or YouTube fitness gurus, people are willing to try everything.

In all the fitness craze, the Bar Brothers – The System provides a unique but effective way to improve your fitness journey. Read on for our Bar Brothers the System Review.

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Who Are the Bar Brothers?

The Bar Brothers is a premier fitness website where you can get comprehensive fitness and nutritional guides. It was established by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic, who are two of the world’s most renowned fitness athletes.

Don’t believe me? Their Facebook page has over 1,700,000 likes and their YouTube channel boasts a hardy 400,000 subscribers. Now, they have over 65,000 members worldwide using their systems. Clearly, they have claim to their fame.

Together, they created the Bar Brothers to spark a movement for bar training and a healthy lifestyle. Since their inception, they have continuously used the power of calisthenics to transform the lives of people all around the world.

As of today, the Bar Brothers have four major training systems. They have The System, The System Accelerator, The System Freestyle Moves, and Bar Brothers Nutrition. Each provides step-by-step guidance towards creative fitness practices and a healthy lifestyle. Today, our Bar Brothers reviewdeals with The System.

What is The System?

The Bar Brothers – The System is a unique workout program that aims to transform your body and mind in only 12 weeks. This workout program uses body-weight exercises and calisthenics to improve strength, mobility, endurance, and assist in weight loss.

In a series of complex movements, the Bar Brothers 12-week program works multiple muscles at once to give you lean muscle and improved strength.

The System produces exceptional results and gains without the need to go to the gym or other equipment. Using the convenience and effectiveness of calisthenics, the Bar Brothers workout is a cost-effective program. You can easily get the body you want without the stress of gym fees or having a gym membership and not knowing where to start.

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How Does It Work?

When you purchase The System, you get a 12-week step-by-step video program. These videos cover what areas to work on each day. Under each week, you will also find detailed instructions for each exercise and movement.

What is great about The System is that the Bar Brothers break down each and every movement. From the form to the actual movement, they explain everything step-by-step. They explain what you should focus on in order to not injure yourself.

Additionally, the Bar Brothers provide you with weekly motivational videos. These are to give you a mental and psychological boost alongside your physical one. Each video is easy to find, short, and easy to digest. They tend to deliver instruction and information in an effective and efficient way.

They also teach you ways to track your progress from beginning to end. And if you happen to get stuck on something, you can follow them on Facebook and post your questions to the support group. There the community or Lazar or Dusan will reply.

Who Is the System For?

The Bar Brothers 12-week system is beneficial to a wide range of people. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced calisthenic user, the Bar Brothers workout can take your regular fitness program to the next level.

If you are a novice, it will bring you up to speed on calisthenics in no time. If you are experienced, The System will hone your technique and teach you some mistakes you might be missing.

The System is perfect for people who already love using bars in their daily workouts. Like calisthenics, bar training is quite freeform and creative in the types of moves you can do. If you are into the street fitness, The System is definitely up your alley. Not to mention, it is a massive difference from the old weight lifting gig.

The System is also perfect for all athletes, especially high intensity games, like basketball. The calisthenics employed in the Bar Brothers transformation are perfect for building muscle mass and endurance.

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Does It Really Work?

The System is a straightforward system. To prove their methods, the Bar Brothers community is encouraged to take progress photos of themselves. Lazar, Dusan and many members gladly share their before and after photos and videos through the Bar Brothers’ media outlets. There are also many testimonials you can watch and see people’s reactions and reviews of The System.

So Why Use the System?

The System is all around more effective and efficient. The calisthenics and the bar training in The System drive strength training into a new dimension.

Not only is it a more natural and freeform of fitness, it saves you loads of money and potential injury. With calisthenics, you are only lifting your body weight, so it is more balanced than the weight lifting.

It is a simultaneously independent but hands-on program. It gives you the freedom to try things on your own, but still provides assistance to ensure you are getting the best out of the program.

Moreover, The System is a great workout program because it is a more natural fitness approach than gym equipment and weight lifting. Its calisthenics are easy for beginners to pick up, so it is extremely user-friendly and open for anyone and everyone’s use.


Calisthenics has to be one of the fitness worlds’ best kept secrets. Many seem convinced you have to go to a gym or learn how to weight lift to achieve their fitness goals, but that’s far from true.

The Bar Brothers have provided a simple, but powerful program that simultaneously allows you to build strength, lean muscle, endurance and lose weight with little to no equipment. The Bar Brothers 12-week program is a well-rounded, high-quality program that helps you be the strongest version of yourself.

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