3-Day Calisthenic Workout Plan That Sticks (No Equipments)

man doing dips on a calisthenic bar at a gym

Hello, I am Richard, and a few weeks ago I just started a new way of working out for me, it is natural, you don’t need any equipment at all, you don’t have to pay for a membership, and you can do it from home! This is CALISTHENICS.

If you haven’t heard about it, in this post, I will tell you its benefits, different ways of working out, and off course…I will give you a five-day routine that will help you to start Calisthenics in a straightforward, free, and fun way.

Calisthenics consists of doing a set of exercises that work out every muscle group using only your bodyweight as resistance. Meaning that when doing Calisthenics, we are using our own weight during the workout, thus we are exercising our muscles without forcing the body beyond its capacity — this is why we don’t need any equipment at all nor any other instrument than our body.

Types of Exercises

If you were to do some research on Calisthenics, you would find that, overall, there are three types of exercises:

• Basics:

These are the most straightforward exercises and consist of strengthening all of our muscles (e.g., Push-ups).

• Statics:

These are more complex exercises, where you try to maintain the same position for a long time. Statics requires a significant muscular effort (e.g., Planks).

• Dynamics:

These are undoubtedly the most complicated group of Calisthenics exercises. They need movement, strength, and agility (e.g., Jumping Jacks or Squats). 

Now that you have a basic understanding of Calisthenics, we will begin our THREE-DAY ROUTINE. You can do it at your home, office, backyard or any public park. You don’t need to become a member of an expensive gym or lift heavy equipment. The most important thing is that you stick to the plan and you will, shortly, see the results.

Tips to Consider Before Starting Off Your Plan  

Before starting a Calisthenics session, you should always stretch to reduce the risk of possible injuries. Note well that triceps, shoulders, back, wrists and biceps are often injured due to little or wrong stretching techniques.

You should also include some cardiovascular exercises with your Calisthenics routine. This will help you improve blood circulation and get your heart pumping for the next activity.

Furthermore, when beginning Calisthenics, it is essential to master the basic exercises that, as we have said before, are also the simplest. 

Exercises You Should Master

Here is a list of the basic must-know exercises in Calisthenics.


gif image of a man doing sit ups

Have you ever seated in a chair? Well do it but… without a chair! It is precisely the same movement. However, for effectiveness, you should do it repeatedly and slowly.


gif image of man doing push ups

They strengthen our core and upper body. The best way of doing them is by imagining you are trying to push the floor away!

Glute Bridges:

gif image of man doing a glute bridge exercise

This is the ideal exercise for your back. Lay down with your back and feet well supported on the floor, bent your knees, and then raise your buttocks. Repeat the motion as instructed on your plan.


gif image of a man doing a plank

Pine is another of the best basic exercises of Calisthenics.  It allows us to gain strength while increasing stability.  In consequence, this routine works for our total body balance, significant at any stage of your program.

Three-Day Plan

calisthenic workout calendar

Once you have practiced and mastered these basic movements and exercises, you are ready to embark on our three-day plan.

Day One: Chest Day

The harder first, at least for me. This is the day that you love to hate because, in the beginning, you dread it, but you finish, you feel like a real-life Superman.

After a thorough stretching session of triceps, biceps, and arms in general, we should begin:

– Start off with 25 push-ups. Rest for 1 minute, and then repeat. 

– Follow up with 30 decline push-ups.  These are similar to the first ones, but you should incline your body by using a chair to support your feet in a higher position than the rest of the body.

– Continue on with 20 wide push-ups. When doing these, you should open your arms and shoulders. If every time you come up, you should feel how you are working out your chest, it means it is working.

– Our final exercise for today will be 30 push-up holds. It is just like the regular push-up, but once you go up, you should stay there for 15 seconds.

That’s a wrap for chest today! 

Day Two:  Leg Day

This is my favourite day of the week. This is, more often than not, the most enjoyable routine.

Remember, we will always start our workout with a 5-10-minute stretching. – Begin exercising by doing 45 squats. Rest for one and a half minute and then do 15 more.

– Follow your regular squats with a ‘squat jumping’ session. Repeat as many times as you can endure — my record is 32. Rest for 30 seconds and then repeat twice.

– Finish up your day with 20 lunges. Keep in mind that on this exercise form, and not repetition, is vital.  Rest for one minute and then continue to 25 more reps.

That’s it! My favourite Calisthenics day is gone.

Day Three: Back Day

Once you have rested for a whole day in between workouts, you are now allowed to re-boot your body with this critical and fun routine day.

After the respective stretch…

– Begin by doing 25 supermans. If you are new at this, just lay on the ground, and once your whole body is relaxed lift (at the same time) both arms and both legs. This will strengthen your lower an upper back.

– After this, it is time for some planks! These are probably the best exercise you can do to work out your core and abs. I usually do planks for one minute, rest another minute, and then repeat 3 times.

– Finishing our third day, you will have to do a couple of Aquaman. Yes, I know, this should have been ‘Super-hero Day,’ but I thought it would be easier for you to understand what muscle groups you should be working out on each day. Click here for a complete calisthenic back workout

While lying face down to the floor, raise your right arm and left leg at the same time and keep it up for a few seconds. Continue to do the same with the opposite extremities.  Repeat for 20 times each. If you have access to a pool, swimming would be a great exercise not only for your back but for your whole body.

That’s a Wrap!

I hope you find this routine to be useful! You now know that Calisthenics are very complete, and also a simple form of working out. Besides, it can be done even in the comfort of your own home.

Sometimes simple exercises that you can perform anywhere, without equipment and in a few minutes are the most helpful. You can take this routine as a beginners’ guide or, if you are an athlete, you can incorporate it to your regular workout regime.

Consider Calisthenics as a lifestyle, and you will see some fast and excellent results in your exercise performance, and of course, you will see some significant changes in your body.

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  1. I’m a skinny guy and I’d love to do the chest workout, but I’m just not strong enough. How can i make it simpler to start and increase difficulty?


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