Top 6 Full Body Calisthenics Workouts (with gifs)

Before and after pictures of a calisthenic workout beginner

Hi there! My name is William and today I will talk to you about these 6 top full body calisthenics workout that will help you improving your strengthen and you would be able to exercise all your muscle groups.

Imagine being able to exercise at home, in the beach or a park, with nothing but your own body. Well, let me tell you that this is possible; we don’t need any equipment at all in order to perform calisthenics.

There are several calisthenics exercises that we know, and might perform often, without even knowing that they are calisthenics:

  • Push-ups,
  • Squats,
  • Pistol,
  • Back Bridge,
  • Dips, and;
  • Planks.

All of these can be done without any equipment and using only our own weight and our body resistance. 

This might sound very technical or hard to learn, but they are really easy to learn, and calisthenics also act as a ‘fat-burning’ and will help you to harmonise and shape your body in a more natural way than exercise with weights and equipment. Thus, fitness disciplines such as Body Combat, Cross Fit or Zumba use calisthenics exercises on a regular basis.

In these top 6 exercises that I will talk you about we will find some simple ones and any other more complicated, but nothing you can’t handle, I mean: it’s your own body you are using.


gif of a man doing a push up

Your goal is to go up and down as parallel to the ground and straight as possible, supporting your body with only your hands and your toes. This sounds easy, actually it is, but you might be performing wrong this exercise, so in order to do it as it should be you must squeeze your abs and buttocks to protect the lumbar zone (where you will find several injuries if you do not perform some exercises correctly), hands near the armpits, open well your fingers and use the entire hand, when flexing the arms keep them as close to the body as possible (use your elbows as a guide), if you open laterally your arms you will not be exercising your triceps and also could finish in an injury.


gif of a man doing squats

Imagine seating in a chair but without it, this movement starts standing, facing forward and with our back straight up, while the feet should be separated using the width of the shoulders as your guide. You must be looking forward and do not curve your back, then you will descend the gluteus flexing your knees and hip. You want to be sure that your knee does not pass the tip of the foot, here is the tough part, doing this very slow and observing that your knee does not pass the foot will make the whole exercise, there is the core of this calisthenics. Finally, descend until your thighs are parallel to the ground and from there you must now rise slowly while exhaling.


gif of man doing a pistol exercise

It is a very demanding variant of squats. It requires only one leg while the other remains stretched parallel to the ground. It is advisable that after a series with one leg, you should do another series with the other leg; this is to give same effort and resistance to both legs. The regular squat, as I told you before, it works your whole body, as well as Pistol but it focuses in working the lower train, including glutes. It is a great option, not easy I know, but it is one of the most complete full body calisthenics without using equipment.


gif of man doing a back bridge

The bridge is one of the best known exercises, it’s easy a very complete. We will with not only strengthen our buttocks, but it also helps us to have strong and stylised thighs, back and abs. You should lie down on the ground, with your back completely supported and your knees bent, resting the sole of the feet on the ground. Your arms must also be stretched along your body and the palms of the hands facing down to the floor; they will be your support. Raise the hip forming a straight line with the back and return to the initial position. When elevating the hip make sure to contract your glutes. Breathing is very important in any exercise, in this case you should take a breath when you raise your hip and release it when you go back down.


gif of man doing a dips

This is one of my favourites, although we will using something to support (different than the floor) it’s something you could find anywhere, maybe a chair or a couch at home, or a bench in the park. This chair will be your support for this exercise.

Your initial position should be with your legs fully extended, supporting with your heel and your hands should be at the border of the chair, with your arms fully extended as well; while inhaling, you must descend slowly with the torso leaning forward and the elbows slightly widened until you feel a slight stretch in the chest. Once you feel this, you have to use your chest to turn your body back to the initial position while exhaling. It is important that you press the chest in the upper part of the movement at least for one second, although this exercise it’s mainly indicated for chest growth, as you can see you will be using your whole body during this movement.


gif of man doing planks

Last but never least, we have our planks, I enjoy them every day. Although there are many variants based on the level of demand, the most common version of the Plank consists of placing the raised body parallel to the ground, supported with the forearms in the front and the tip of the feet back, the same that the initial position we use for the push-ups. You should remain in this position for about 30 seconds to one minute, then you can make as many series as you want or you can resist.

As it is a static exercise, it is commonly used in yoga and Pilates, besides being very popular among training routines for the core.

As you can see, we can do all these 6 exercises without using any equipment at all; we can perform them at home, at a park, even when going to the beach. People have no idea of how complete can Calisthenics be, and I believe that this kind of exercises can be performed by anyone, no matter gender, age or where you are. I hope this full body Calisthenics exercises guide may be helpful for you and enjoy your exercises!

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