Top Calisthenic Workout Program for Fast Results

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Calisthenics are a great way to ease into a high intensity workout. However, not everyone knows where to start or what to look for. Something as individually driven as calisthenics makes it difficult to have a universal plan.

Fortunately, there are a few useful plans out there. Follow along as we talk about what makes a program ideal and our pick for the best calisthenics program.

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What an Ideal Calisthenic Workout Program Should Have

Plot twist: the perfect plan does not exist. While many people might want the convenience of a universal plan, calisthenics does not work like that. Calisthenics is not exactly a workout plan you can just find in a magazine.

Calisthenics relies on the individual. That’s right. You decide what type of program suits you best. And to decide this, it is very important to understand your personal circumstances. As in, it is important to be realistic about your starting place, understanding your weaknesses, and structuring around a goal.

What an “ideal” workout program looks like truly depends on you. You might want to focus on improving your shoulder’s range of movement. You might also want to incorporate basic capacity strength building exercises. At the same time, you might have less time during the week to work out than other people.

That being said, creating an ideal calisthenic workout program is virtually impossible. However, this is all not to say that you should just go wild with the exercises and blindly hope you are doing the right thing.

Fortunately, there are several professionals who have created calisthenics programs that provide structure but are also adaptable to each individual, which is great.

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What You Should Expect in A Calisthenic Workout Program?

In looking at each calisthenic program out there, there are a few characteristics that are consistent for a calisthenic workout program.

First things first, expect that a workout program will emphasize the basics, especially if you are a beginner. Calisthenic programs will typically ensure you have solid foundation in terms of strength and mobility before throwing any complicated workout plans your way.

However, once the basics are out of the way, calisthenic programs will typically create a schedule or cycle of full body routines. Some cycles can be as small as 2-3 days, with rest days interspersed. In cases like that, you can vary other workouts, like cardio or leg day, in between.

Once you start to build up more of your strength and endurance, programs should start try to improve your exercise intensity. You would see anything from increasing your reps to combining different workout plans.

From there, workouts might help you master certain skills and ensure your skills of highest quality. Moreover, the best calisthenics program will also encourage you to rest your body. To be one of the best calisthenic programs, programs should allow your body to recover as much as it works out.

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The Bars Brothers Workout System

After looking at all these characteristics, there is one calisthenic program that embodies all of those characteristics and more. The Bar Brothers Essential 6 Month Workout Plan for beginners is one of a top calisthenic program.

Built for people who are ready to put the work in every day, the Bar Brothers 6-month program covers everything you need as a beginner. Moreover, the Bar Brothers understand that calisthenics ends up being quite individualistic, stating their plan is only a blueprint not an all-out cure.

However, their 6-month plan efficiently starts you on the right path to where you are confident enough to design a plan for yourself. Let’s see how they do it.

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Where to Start?

The Bars Brother’s workout program starts out with a few fitness requirements. In order to start their program, you should be able to do:

  1. 5 push-ups
  2. 5 pull-ups
  3. 5 knee raises
  4. 5 dips
  5. 5 squats

These requirements are meant for your safety. The Bars Brothers want to ensure you will not be injured during the next 6-months and that you can move easily between each month’s schedule.

If you are not up to this particular level yet, the Bars Brothers actually provide another starter guide that starts with foundational exercises. They do not want you to be deterred from trying calisthenics out at all, but they want to ensure you are safe.

If you do meet the requirements, make sure you can do the basics well. They encourage you to take your time with the basics and don’t overestimate your strength because progressing too fast could ultimately damage you.

Months 1-3

Through Months 1-2, they hone in on your basics. They ensure your whole body is prepared for calisthenics training and that you are prepped for the rest of the training plan.

In Month 3, the Bars Brothers build on the intensity of the second month. They combine their basics routine from month 1 and the strength training in month 2 for a deeper and more thorough workout.

Months 4-6

Month 4-6 are concerned with honing specific skills. Ideally, by now, you have the fundamental strength to progress with more isolated skills, like a muscle up. They wrap up their whole program with a Beginner’s Challenge to do once a week for extra conditioning.

Their plan sticks to a minimum three-day schedule. However, you can do more if you want. They do sprinkle in some pieces of advice for your overall health. For example, they emphasize rest as vital to being able to work harder and that the quality of your exercise is far better than the quantity.


The Bars Brothers provides an ideal mix of variety, strength and mobility training. Their program is easy to follow for just about anyone.

No matter what program you use, your calisthenic program should cater to every aspect of your body but be flexible to your needs.

With that we hope you enjoyed our review of the best calisthenics program. If you have a question or comment, please share with us!

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